quarta-feira, 18 de junho de 2008

Are We Trying to Avoid the Pots and Pans?

Of course we all have a million and one things to do-why not make cooking “one” of the million?

I was a complete disaster in the kitchen. It wasn’t exactly the “porn movie or low budget film” one sometimes makes before hitting the big time-but if there was a camera following me around back then, even the lens would have to be cleaned from time to time with all that food flying ! The mountain of items to be washed that built up in the sink during the “construction” was never a pretty sight either- it would make any home owner want to hit you over the head (usually with the cast iron frying pan being first choice). Keep it as simple and easy as possible-organized and clean as you go along.

For all of you who feel there is no hope in the kitchen-there is!
Shopping for dinner at times should be more than an “already roasted chicken accompanied with all day- sitting around limp salad”.
Chances are, if you are good at preparing a special dish (the one when everyone says, “he makes the best…”) then chances are you are already ½ way there.
You can easily take these skills to the next level. Add a little of this and add a little of that to some of your favorite and easy “dummy proof recipes”!
Stop thinking what doesn’t go well together. Take a chance with food the way you take a chance with what you choose to wear for the day. No one is perfect, we all have worn clothing at one time and later discovered it was not the greatest combination. In the end we got through the day, so don’t worry; most creations with food also make it through the digestive system.

If you are concerned with spoiling the dish, try a small portion of what you are thinking to prepare-feed it to your dog and see what the reaction is-excluding those poor big guys stuck outside protecting properties-I sure remember what dad used to feed ours. All kidding aside, concentrate on the ingredients you like most, substitute them with the recipes you are most familiar with and you have yourself another “he makes the best…” to add to your list.
A portion of you might be thinking, “yhea right, all of this coming from some one who does this for a living”. I raise you that phrase, my cards read-omelet with left over codfish, spinach, onions and tomato. How about another round, a simple roast of your favorite beef covered with pureed coriander and roasted red pepper (roast peppers, remove skin/seeds, and puree in a blender with some coriander). One of my favorites, soy milk/milk shake with fresh strawberry, banana, ice cubes, honey and top it with your favorite granola cereal (this would definitely be more enjoyable by simply serving it in a short glass-spoon and straw required).

I can sum all of this with a simple breakdown of a recipe- without all the “in between common sense stuff” usually responsible for us “making a wrong turn” during the preparation.
If you take a moment to look, as one would a painting to discover it’s simple beauty-you might discover the simple beauty in cooking …it doesn’t always need to involve “contact with cast iron”.

1-Slice 2 onions and sauté with olive oil till extra soft.
2-Add some left over meat/or fish; cut tomato, black olives, capers/season with salt pepper
3-Add your favorite short pasta, season with salt-pepper, chopped parsley and toss (piri piri optional).

Chef Guerrieri

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