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“ Spooning Spaghetti ”

Are we more Italian if we use a spoon to roll pasta?
Are all Italians born “with a silver spoon in their left hand?”
It’s always nice to have a spoon handy… Or is it?

If you find yourself doing things to impress the “mamma mia mother in-law” at the table, using a spoon to roll your spaghetti can some times work against you when in the company of “true Italian blood”.

A lot of Italians grow up learning how to roll pasta using the support of a spoon. A day wouldn’t go by without that golden crusty Italian bread dad would always place on the kitchen table. Before dinner, he would break the tips on both ends about 4 fingers deep; remove the mule from the center, leaving a crusted hollow bread cone.
This became our “eatable spoon” for practicing how to roll. It wasn’t difficult once we got the hang of it-pick up a couple strings of pasta, place the fork inside the bread cone and start rolling-messy of course-but fun.
Talk about saving the best for last. It was a must to finish the meal in order to savor that tomato sauce soaked bread cone at
the end …yumm!
Without knowing it-this technique would teach two “important musts” if we were going to master the pasta rolling in order to hand it down to the next generation.
The first- getting just the right amount of spaghetti on the fork. If the pasta would over flow the bread cone/spoon-it would over flow the mouth…put it back in the dish and start all over again. The second was balance. Using the cone/spoon would help with balancing the fork while the actual rolling was going on.

Should you attack your meal directly from the bowl, push the pasta to one side allowing a little free space for rolling. Be sure to weave 3-4 strands on the fork and move it toward the “plate work area”. Begin rolling with an occasional soft pull in an upward motion to help separate the strands- and you will never have to worry about lifting 90% of the pasta in one forkful.
Whether you choose the bread cone, spoon or workspace on your dish, what really scores the points-and keeps mamma from rolling her eyes in pops direction-depends on the amount of pasta that remains around the fork. Never go beyond a mouthful-who needs to hear "mamma mia" when we could have "now thats Italian" !

Chef Guerrieri

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Anónimo disse...

"As to the use of a fork plus a spoon for eating pasta, all those at the table were adamant. Spoons are for children, amateurs and people with very bad table manners in general."

PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING THE SPOON WHEN ROLLING SPAGHETTI... once again: it's just another bad habit that our fellows American friends have "branded as Italian" ... in Italy, placing a spoon in the silverware setting means "we're going to have soup" and NOT pasta!!!