segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2008

It’s The Same All Over

NY, Paris, Milan, Lisbon…you pick!
One thing is certain; people are people no matter what the environment! True, a culture may differ-but it can’t ever be responsible for the good and bad decisions we make.

We’ve all been there- blame the world for all the “wrong doings”. Is there anything we can do to make the “wrong” go in the right direction?
Usually, if we’re obligated to get something done we make it happen…if we’re the ones in control, it’s easy to talk ourselves into “ I’ll get it tomorrow ”. Wouldn’t it be wise to eliminate what can be controlled-to help deal with those aggravating issues always popping up?

It’s as easy to complain as it is to leave the dirty dishes for the morning. Multiply this philosophy by 10.Considering the amount of chores and responsibilities we have on a day-to-day basis, chances are the kitchen would look like a war zone-not to mention the rest of the fort!
Are you the next day soaker or the type to get on it and cut through the grease? I give in-I sometimes “wake to a sink-full”.

Our dishes are one thing; dealing with the outside world is another.
Washing away some of the dirty work can become an easy task. Before starting the day-make a list. Don’t worry about how long it gets-the important step is getting your hand to meet with the pen and paper!
Once that’s done-highlight the most important things that need to be done. If you think to beat the “Romans” and do it all in one day, chances are you’ll be taking two steps back for every one step forward.

Having control and coping with time has its occasional drawbacks. We can’t always get done what we set out to accomplish.
It’s normal for spontaneous happenings and feeling under the weather-it doesn’t mean those same dark clouds need to work their way towards others. Why do we forget to call and cancel sometimes? Is it possible we think too much about how to satisfy our lazy mind-and forget we don’t always need a detailed explanation?

What about that “yes to everything”, have we forgotten what it means? It slips out, I know.
The only place “yes” might have a duel meaning is in the bedroom-only we don’t walk around all day with a bed chained to our ankle. When there is a mutual “yes agreement”, both parties are obligated to “keep the water flowing”. If there is no interest, what ever you do- don’t let your feelings take over - shut off that “valve” and say “thanks but no thanks”. Don’t assume people forget with time. People always appreciate honesty. Once that’s accomplished-your contact information will never make the “trash” on the desktop. Should you choose to continue -control the amount of “flow” by simply keeping the topic active. The important thing it’s moving and in the right direction-communication, patience and ever so often lots of time…that’s what it takes.

Chef Guerrieri

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